Fashion website states that recent developments within the Blockchain technology opened the eyes of the (fashion) industry to the fact that blockchain goes beyond the financial services. It is a technology that is opening new opportunities to fashion entrepreneurs and brands. Although not widely used in the fashion industry yet, the one area that blockchain technology is set to make positive changes too is the world of luxury commerce, by dealing with its biggest problem, counterfeit. For instance, companies like 
Blockchain Tech Ltd founded by Guy Halford-Thompson, uses 
blockchain technology to tackle the problem of fake goods in the luxury sector. They are achieving this by creating a secure registry which tracks who owns designer products. The database holds everything a consumer will require to determine whether the product they are about to purchase is actually genuine. On what the future holds, Thompson sees the fashion industry being dependent on blockchain and smart tagging. Thus, with Blockchain we can map the journey of a product and create a more transparent industry. Read the whole article by 
Muchaneta Kapfunde on The seminar on Traceability in the fashion chain by Modint (in Dutch) coincides with the notion on mapping products and the aim for a more transparant production chain.