The Next Fashion The Dutch Fashion industry is becoming a key player in the world of circular design. CLICKNL Next Fashion presents several design research projects that demonstrate that fashion designers and research institutes are ready for this challenge, as are  the textile and recycling industries. At DRIVE we present three examples, and involve you in discussing how to take it a step further, get the industry even more involved, and the customer committed. Speakers: Anton Luiken presenting Closing the Loop; Marina Toeters and Anke Jongejan presenting Material Science and Design Fiction: Collaboration for Innovation in Fashion (“temporary” materials); Roos de Jager, about Strawberry Earth Festival. Lucie Huiskens, moderator Closing the Loop, Anton Luiken In this project Stexfibers, Texperium, Moyzo, Saxion, Studio Judith ter Haar and Future Makers ArtEZ investigate how locally-produced fibres such as hemp can be made into an attractive fashion or textile product. How can fashion and clothing designs using locally-produced fibres be incorporated into a circular production system, and how should locally-produced ‘fashion’ be marketed? Could this be in the same way we market organic food, or should another approach be taken? The project is supported by the province of Gelderland and the municipality of Arnhem. Strawberry Earth Academy, Roos de Jager In 2014, the Strawberry Earth Academy, the first Dutch 'green academy' exclusively for experienced fashion and design professionals, was launched. It is a Lab and research platform for internationally acclaimed fashion and design professionals. These frontrunners team up with research institutes and commercial partners to create sustainable innovations that can be applied sector wide. Material Science, Design Fiction, Anke Jongejan, Marina Toeters Anke Jongejan (Fashion Futures) and Marina Toeters (By-Wire) present two projects that could radically change the fashion industry, NAZcAlpaca and One Wash. Both projects connect innovative ideas with technological developments and cross-disciplinary collaborations. How can we, together, ensure that these kind of research and design processes have an actual impact on the fashion system? Read more