Where does Retail (research) go?

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Researching and teaching cross-over between retail management and other domains like design, e-commerce, hospitality and urban geography is key to innovating the Dutch retail sector. Working cross-over and finding/using synergies in a national network is the first step to doing this. The Retail Innovation Platform including more than ten Universities of Applied Sciences took this step and will launch its Research Agenda today. As an example of future research projects focused on skills, Future-Proof Retail will present its design-led research and highlight in two cases how this is applied.

Anja Overdiek 2017 1
Haagse Hogeschool

Anja Overdiek

Dr. Anja Overdiek is a senior researcher at the faculty of Business, Finance and Marketing at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. She leads the ‘Future-Proof Retail’ program of the research group Innovation Networks. Her special field is experiential retail, pop-up shops and co-design.


Paul Rutten

Paul Rutten (1958) is program director and reader at the Creating 010 Research Centre of Hogeschool Rotterdam. He focuses on the impact and development of creative industries and creative talent. He held professorships and research positions in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Jesse Weltevreden

Jesse Weltevreden

is professor of Digital Commerce at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). Weltevreden is also Director Research of the Ecommerce Foundation, an international non-profit organisation ‒ initiated by national e-commerce associations and e-commerce companies worldwide ‒ that produces key facts and research in the field of e-commerce. As manager of the Digital Commerce Research Group and Director Research, he coordinates and contributes to (quantitative) research projects of the AUAS and Ecommerce Foundation and research cooperation with external institutions and the industry.

Gaby Eenschoten 3

Gaby Eenschoten

Being an entrepreneur, lecturer and researcher brings me in an excellent position to bring these three worlds together. My research to the personality of retailers and how this influences their ability and preferences of developing themselves in specifically 21st century digital skills, helped me designing a learning process for small independent retailers that should help them becoming (more) futureproof.