Inspiring design from waste through digital production

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Digital production and design opens a window to develop new customized concepts of products with a circular value. Within the research group Circular Design and Business we research viable applications of waste materials through design. Together with designers and industry we experiment with several waste streams like scrap wood and textiles. With use of digital production technologies such as robotics and laser cutting we explore surprising new materials and products.

There are three speakers planned who will address the following questions:
What do we categorize as digital production? Supported with recycled wood case.
What is the added value of the use of recycled material and how is the acceptance? Supported with case of acceptance research into recycled plastic; which role does the designer play in the creation of added value for surplus streams with use of digital production techniques? Supported with recycled textile case.

With, among others, Mark Lepelaar en Inge Oskam / HvA and Stella van Himbergen / CIRCO as moderator.


What is digital production exactly and why do we want it (or not)?
By: Marta Male Alemany

What is the added value of recycled material and how is it the accepted by the consumer?
By: Lise Magnier

Which role can the designer pick up in creating added value for waste materials using digital production techniques?
By: Samira Boon & Anna Sitnikova

Mark Lepelaar

Mark Lepelaar

Mark Lepelaar is a specialist and entrepreneur in biobased and circular products and materials, working part time at the AUAS as project leader and lead researcher of the RECURF-UP! project developing a new destination for textile waste: from biocomposite to design product.

Ingeborg Gort (studio)-0002 L

Ingeborg Gort

As advsior sustainable innovation at Partners for Innovation, Ingeborg Gort focuses on closing the plastic value chain. She coaches companies in using circular business models and design strategies within the CIRCO program, in which she is sector coordinator plastics. Also, she helps companies develop sustainable products using a value chain approach.

Inge Oskam (klein)

Inge Oskam

As professor Circular Design and Business at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Inge Oskam is focusing on concrete solutions for a circular city. A key research topic is development of circular design and business strategies for upcycling waste.

Marta Malé-Alemany

Marta Malé-Alemany

Marta Malé-Alemany is head lecturer Digital Production at AUAS Faculty of Technology, with the mission to guide the research and teaching of digital production, merging design and manufacturing in an integrative manner.

Lise Magnier

Lise Magnier

Lise Magnier is Assistant Professor of Consumer Research at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in Delft. Her research focuses on consumers’ acceptance and adoption of sustainable and circular alternatives

Samira Boon

Samira Boon

Samira Boon is a textile architect with a strong focus on creating flexible and dynamic environments. As an expert in the material properties of textiles and digital production techniques, the studio she runs, advises and collaborates with architects to formulate site-specific solutions.


Anna Sitnikova

Anna Sitnikova is an artist and researcher based in The Hague. At Studio Samira Boon she is developing smart materials, three-dimensional, expandable and interactive structures for architectural applications on Earth and beyond. As an art curator, she works in close collaboration with Alexander Zaklynsky, Bernard Foing and European Space Agency to develop a gallery of 100 artworks and artifacts to be sent to the Moon by a robotic ESA lander in 2022.