Future Proofing the Creative Industries: from Design Thinking to Big Data – and beyond


These days, there is a shift happening in what organisations see as the main driver for innovation: they are moving away from the ‘Design Thinking’ craze towards looking at the promises and possibilities of Big Data.

Where does that leave the Creative Industries? What are the (potential) links between the practices, skills and thinking of creative industry professionals and companies and the Big Data phenomenon?

In this small conversation we would like to discuss what this means. What is the potential, what are the possibilities, and also what are threats that the Big Data development is going to pose to the Creative Industries – and what would be the agenda for change within the creative industries, what new practices and offerings should we develop to not just respond but lead this development. As a starting point for the discussion, we are inviting some practitioners that each in their own way are already involved in this development, asking them to tell us about their best practices, experiments and the questions they run into.

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Concluding Talk

Kees Dorst

Kees Dorst currently holds the position of Design United professor, looking into the development of Research Through Design methodologies. He is trained as an industrial designer and philosopher, is Professor of Design Innovation at the University of Technology Sydney, and the founder/director of the UTS Design Innovation Research Centre.