Envisioning Things as Citizens in Near Future Cities


The city is becoming a playground for experimenting novel services and technologies more and more. Together with the city, the concept of citizenship will also evolve with addressing the diversity of human and non-human entities. This theme will be the focus in a workshop about the ideation of things as citizens for fostering healthy behaviour in the city.

Introduction PACT
by: Iskander Smit

The project 'Things as Citizens' is dedicated to the investigation of opportunities and challenges of emerging interactions between people and autonomous things, in the context of smart cities. The aim is to explore how things might connect with existing networks of data, collect real time data, act proactively and behave socially.

Workshop activity in groups
by: Iskander Smit & Maria Luce Lupetti

In this session insights from the research program PACT (Partnerships for Cities of Things) will be shared. With a special developed card game we invite you to discuss the consequences of these cities of intelligent things.

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Iskander Smit

Iskander Smit is innovation director at info.nl. He is also co-organiser of ThingsCon and Behavior Design AMS. At TU Delft he is visiting professor at Connected Everyday Lab, where he coordinates the research program PACT (Partnerships for Cities of Things).


Maria Luce Lupetti

Maria Luce Lupetti is postdoctoral researcher within the project PACT. She did her PhD at Politecnico di Torino (Italy). Her doctoral research was about the role of Design Research within the context of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) studies.