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Contemporary society is focused on enhancing and improving our memory, whereas we focus on understanding our memory and applying that knowledge to support the enjoyment in diverse ways.

Elise van den Hoven - Materialising Memories: what is it?
Materialising Memories is a design-research programme that focuses on supporting people when they use their autobiographical memory in everyday life. This talk will explain what that means in practice, and will cover topics such as memory cuing and personal memory media.

Gail Kenning - Interactive workshop
An interactive session exploring a relationship between personal memories and mediated memories.

Doménique van Gennip - Phototype
Phototype is an interactive demonstrator designed to support serendipitous reminiscing. This talk will discuss the evaluation of the demonstrator and how the findings relate to personal media capture and use in general.

Elise van den Hoven
University of Technology Sydney

Prof dr Elise van den Hoven MTD

Elise van den Hoven is full professor in the Faculty of Engineering and IT at University of Technology Sydney, associate professor in the Department of Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology, and has two honorary appointments. She leads the Materialising Memories research program, which uses design research to support remembering activities.

Gail Kenning
University of Technology Sydney

Dr Gail Kenning

Gail Kenning PhD is an artist, designer and researcher at University of Technology Sydney and Design United Visiting Research Scholar at University of Technology Eindhoven. She is a member of the Materialising Memories research program exploring memory and forgetting and creativity and wellbeing with a particular focus on ageing and dementia.

Doménique van Gennip
University of Technology Sydney

Dr ir Doménique van Gennip

Doménique van Gennip is an interaction designer and researcher at University of Technology Sydney. His recent work explores how augmented reality can improve professional practice and how interactive media influence and benefit reminiscing in everyday life.