Circular Design Breakout Products that Flow


The new book Products that Flow was published this month. Written by Partners for Innovation, with a development run-up through the learning by doing practice of the CIRCO project. It’s an addition to the TU Delft production – and the basis for the circular design method of CIRCO – Products that Last. Both books definitely aren’t separate from each other. It’s the combination of methods specifically that lays a solid foundation for the development of circular products and services. In this session you will delve into the method of Products that Flow.

A large part of our current linear economy consists out of fast moving consumer goods: mass produced and inexpensive products that people buy on a regular basis and have a short lifespan. This relates to food and drinks (including packaging), hygienic products, toiletries, disposables such as plastic cups, cutleries and fast fashion. After a short usage period the product becomes waste, which is ending up in the most preferable scenario in a waste treatment plant for recycling or incineration. Unfortunately also a lot of this waste is leaking into the environment on landfills or as plastic soup.

Should we stop consuming these products? Can we live without packaging, consumables and fashion? Sometimes we can easily do without them, but sometimes we will need packaging to protect a product and to prevent food waste or we want to look nice for that special occasion. We therefore believe that we need a new framework for fast moving consumer goods. We need to move towards an economy without waste. Where end-of-life products are a resource for a new ones. To move towards a more circular economy we need to rethink the approach of those consumables that are only in our economic systems for a short period of time. Products that Flow describes circular business models and design strategies to inspire designers, marketeers and business developers.

This workshop is not about linear problems, but about circular solutions!
In this workshop we will explore different opportunities for the packaging of soap.

Jeroen Verbrugge, managing and creative director of Flex, will explain the process behind the development of the Award winning packaging for Seepje.

Partners for Innovation

Siem Haffmans

is managing partner at Partners for Innovation. They work on Circular Design and Strategies as member of the CIRCO team and on many other circular projects for the plastics, paper and board, packaging, recycling and high-tech manufacturing industry.

Jeroen Verbrugge

Jeroen Verbrugge has a great passion for the design profession. He is managing and creative director at FLEX/design with a team of 30 dedicated designers, engineers, modelmakers and office management. Outside FLEX Jeroen has been part of many initiatives to strengthen the design field, such as his membership of the BNO board and by initiating the International Benchmark Research of Dutch Design Agencies and the more recent research ‘Accountability of Design’ in 2010.