Design Research & Innovation Festival


Just like last year, the Design Research & Innovation Festival took place in De Effenaar, during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (2022). The festival is organized by CLICKNL and 4TU.Design United.

Save the date: in 2023 we will be back from Oct. 23 to 27!

Since 2014, we have been putting innovative projects -with results- at the interface of knowledge and innovation in the spotlight every year during DRIVE Festival. In 2022, DRIVE focused on a couple of themes where we see great opportunities for the creative sector. Think about Immersive Content, both digitally and non-digitally, circular design and businessmodels, or societal innovation & inclusion for example.

Although DRIVE already took place, it is possible to watch the recordings.

  • It's a wrap!

    DRIVE 2022

    1 event | 5 days | 5 themes | 21 speakers | 240 visitors | 2 livestream countries (Netherlands and Hong Kong) | 321 direct Vimeo viewers | 2,502 website visitors | dozens of creative professionals & researchers

    Thank you for this fantastic edition!

  • DRIVE 2022 overview


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DRIVE welcomed at least four speakers per day. Get to know our speakers.

This years themes


5 themes

  • Monday 24/10: how can creatives contribute to Social Innovations?
  • Tuesday 25/10: design for Public Spaces, while thinking about (mental) wellbeing.
  • Wednesday 26/10: about Circular Design and its impact on business models.
  • Thursday 27/10: exploring the possible impact of Immersive Content, both digital and non-digital.
  • Friday 28/10: the possibilities of and with Experimental Environments.

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