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Circular Design | Day 3

-DRIVE 'Circular Design' took place on October 26, 2022-

By designing smartly, we can use our raw materials longer and more efficiently. We are already designing new business models, products and systems that are circular and we must increasingly focus on the transformations of chains and systems. What do we already know about designing it, what have we already learned and what are the next steps?


DRIVE 2022 - Day 3 'Circular Design'


Designing for circularity isn’t something you do alone – for when you design for circularity, you impact not just the product and your own business, but also the business and business models in the supply chain, and possible experience for the consumer. But what is that impact? With:

Dionne Ewen works at Royal Ahrend – a company working with many suppliers and (interior) architects. She is responsible for the worldwide CSR program which includes social, sustainable and circular entrepreneurship, and will talk about the latest step Royal Ahrend has recently taken with the opening of a Circular Hub.

Marina Bos-de Vos from Delft University of Technology leads together with Ellen Loots from Erasmus University, research on the value of co-creation in circular design processes. Marina draws attention to the different phases of the design process in which values play a different role and argues for recognition of presuppositions in design processes.

Geert Doorlag, from Auping, has been working on the innovation of mattresses from the focus on sleep, and sustainability. After being part of the ‘Products that Last’ project, initiated by Delft University of Technology, Auping continued to develop the chosen path with the ambition of a fully circular production process. Where do they stand, and what are their lessons learned?

Kim Poldner from the The Hague University of Applied Sciences will tell us about TRASHURE: a new collaborative collective for the development of a complete circular textile chain. In the project, three partners are involved: textile collector Sympany, textile recycler and social enterprise i-did and fashion designer Ronald van der Kemp (RVDK).

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