In this Privacy Policy, the Foundation Top Consortium Knowledge and Innovation CLICKNL (“CLICKNL”) informs you about the use of your personal data within the CLICKNL website (www.clicknl.nl), the newsletters and its social media channels (hereafter jointly called: “CICKNL channels”). The CLICKNL channels are mainly focused on displaying news, events, regulations and calls and inspiration at the intersection of creative industry and knowledge and innovation.

CLICKNL is located in Eindhoven and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 55937446. CLICKNL has no visiting address.

CLICKNL values the responsible use of everyone’s personal data. That’s why your personal data is always carefully processed and secured in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) and the periodical other applicable (European) laws in the field of protection of personal data. With regard to the processing of your personal data via the CLICKNL channels, CLICKNL is responsible under the AVG.


a. Type of personal data
When visiting the CLICKNL channels, the IP-address of the user is automatically registered. The IP-address is temporarily saved in a log file. In addition, your use of the CLICKNL website (such as surfing or clicking behaviour) is also tracked. You can learn how this data is gathered and processed in the Cookie Policy of CLICKNL.

b. Purposes of the use
CLICKNL uses this automatically generated (personal) data for the following purposes:

I) Usage research of the CLICKNL channels
CLICKNL uses the data it obtains through Google Analytics with regard to the visit to the CLICKNL website for research. The purpose of this is to improve the user friendliness and service and to acquire market insight. Where possible, CLICKNL uses anonymous and/or aggregated data that cannot be traced back to individual users.

II) CLICKNL website security
CLICKNL makes use of the HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, or HTTPS, with the purpose of securing the exchange of data. With the use of HTTPS data is encrypted, making it impossible for outsiders, i.e. someone wiretapping, to know which data is being sent.

III) Newsletter
Only when asked will CLICKNL use your e-mail address to send its newsletter containing news or tips from CLICKNL. Each CLICKNL newsletter you receive offers the option to unregister and immediately be removed from the list. The personal data you gave up upon registration help us gain insight into our community.


CLICKNL may make use of other service providers, such as Mailchimp or an organization we organize an event with, for the processing of personal data. These service providers will act as processor. They may exclusively process the data when ordered by us, in compliance with the purposes that the data was acquired for. CLICKNL makes an processing agreement with these processors. In this agreement, the editor is obligated to comply with all statutory provisions and the provisions in this Privacy Policy.

CLICKNL does not disclose personal data to third parties, unless on ground of a legal provision or required by order of the court or supervisory authority, or in case this is necessary for the sake of preventing, tracking or persecuting of criminal acts (such as fraud or deception) or if you have given explicit consent to do so.


CLICKNL has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to combat loss, unlawful use, unlawful processing of your personal data by others, and to prevent access to your personal data by unauthorized persons.


This Privacy Policy exclusively applies to the CLICKNL channels and not to other third party websites for which a link is displayed in the CLICKNL channels or which are displayed via an I-frame on the CLICKNL channels. If you land on a third party website, such as YouTube, Mailchimp, a branch organization or university through a hyperlink or I-frame on the CLICKNL channels, then this Privacy Policy does not apply to your visit to that website. CLICKNL advises to thoroughly read the privacy policy of the websites of these third parties.


CLICKNL only registers anonymous IP-addresses with its website. Regarding the newsletter, for which an opt-in is required, you can always unregister via a link in the newsletter or by sending an email to communicatie@clicknl.nl with the request to be deleted.


CLICKNL reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy. CLICKNL advises to regularly revisit the Privacy Policy. These revisions may be announced through the CLICKNL channels or per e-mail.

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This Privacy Policy was revised on 1 May, 2018.