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Experiment | Day 5

-DRIVE 'Experiment' took place on October 28, 2022-

Everything that is groundbreaking, has been developed. This applies not just to physical products, but also to services and/or even business models and processes. Their development often has an experimental phase in which you test, adjust and test again. The experiment is the key to your success if you use it in the right place and way. But how do you determine what the right place or way is? And what are the options? Come and learn about best practices and experiences of field labs, living labs, learning communities, hubs and other breeding grounds for innovation.


DRIVE 2022 - Day 5 'Experiment' + work sessions


Get ready for an exciting day about experimental environments! Join us through our livestream to listen to knowledge and experiences from the experts. How do experimental environments such as living labs and field labs work? What are key insights to take away from existing projects, and what purposes can these environments serve? With:

Anja Overdiek, from the The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Together with Mari Genova, she is part of the Future-Proof Labs research group of the 'Innovation Networks' research group. They examined evaluation methods and tools, specially developed for living labs, and will talk about their findings and next steps.

Martijn Paulen will talk about the World Design Embassies: collaborations between creatives and other parties around hypercomplex social challenges such as health and an inclusive society. What is the value of these collaborations, and how are these embassies organised?

Dianneris Diaz, from the University of Twente, current member of the DreamTeam from the Designlab. She will elaborate on how the pillars of the DesignLab methodology materialise in everyday interactions and projects. By focusing on the characteristics of the space and the possibilities for collaboration in, and in between the academic and non-academic spheres, she will give light on the aspects that make DesignLab an experimental environment.

Pieter Lubberts (Backbone International) and Bas Kolen (Delft Technical University) will talk about lessons learned in and with the ‘Fieldlab Evenementen’ for experimental environments as set up in a time of crisis. What can other parties and sectors learn from their experience?

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DRIVE welcomed no fewer than five speakers on Friday 28 October for 'Experimental environments'. Discover them all.