Immersive Content | Day 4

-DRIVE 'Immersive Content' took place on October 27, 2022-

Immersive experiences involve all of our senses through intense, partly digital, events. This new field allows us to interact online and remotely, experience future situations, dive into richer experiences than 'real life' and try out interventions in a safe and low-risk way.

To create these experiences, content and technology must come together. Designing immersive content is a challenge for the creative industry. What methods can we use and do we still need to develop? What insights are still missing? And what are the consequences that can take place?


DRIVE 2022 - Day 4 'Immersive Content'


Immersion is an experience, with or without digital tools. And through immersion, new information, inspiration and awareness can be communicated / received in a deeper way. And although old school immersion is nothing new, modern possibilities ask for new knowledge on how to design for immersion, and on what these possibilities actually are! Therefore, we have a pretty diverse programme on immersive content. With:

Marnix van Gisbergen is a researcher from Breda University of Applied Sciences, who focuses on the innovation of media-related topics such as XR, human body sensors, transmedia and new media business models. He uses media contexts as a starting point to explore, measure and understand the functionalities, design options, role and effects of XR, in relation to other media.

Niki Smit from Monobanda is an experienced game designer, who uses play in the broader sense of the word in his designs. Whether on a screen or on the floor, in VR or a projection; his designs are all about playfulness, immersion and interaction. One of his most celebrated projects was DEEP; a collaboration between amongst others Monobanda, and the Games for Emotional and Mental Health Lab from Radboud University.

Will Hurst is an assistant professor and an XR enthusiast from Wageningen University & Research Centre, who sees the opportunities to use XR, digital twinning and more in research and education. He talks about possibilities with WANDER; a WUR-wide-hub functioning as a shared research & education facility.

Femke Bijlsma from Kossmanndejong is an architect-turned-into-exposition-designer, and always aware of the physical space and shapes. Her work with Kossmanndejong focuses on storytelling through immersion, in the shape of expositions and pavilions. What are her key take-aways to persuade the audience to immersive themselves?

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