Onderdeel van de KIA Sleuteltechnologieën 2020-2023

Research agenda key enabling metholologies (KEMS) for mission-driven innovation

Global social challenges demand innovation. These large-scale and complex challenges require a multidisciplinary approach, in which technological innovation goes hand in hand with social impact. To this end, the acquisition of fundamentally new insights for, and the application and development of key technologies and methodologies are indispensable.

The agenda
The research agenda Key Methodologies is part of the KIA Key Technologies 2020-2023. It sets out a broad definition of key enabling methodologies (KEMs) and presents the most relevant categories of KEMs for mission-driven innovation:

  • Vision and imagination
  • Participation and co-creation
  • Behaviour and empowerment
  • Experimental environments
  • Value creation and upscaling
  • Institutional change
  • System change
  • Monitoring and effect measurement

For each of these categories it has been mapped which methods are available, what the scientific state of affairs is and which themes and research questions are most urgent for tackling the missions.

View the online agenda here

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In recent years, the concept of KEMs as originally launched in the KIA Creative Industries 2018-2021 has been embraced by the (top) sectors as a valuable addition to the KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) and an indispensable link in the process of tackling missions. For the Mission-driven Innovation Policy, there is a need to strengthen the knowledge and development of new KEMs. The KEMs are therefore included in the KIA Key Technologies and play a prominent role in the KIAs of the mission themes. The KEMs are given a prominent place in research programming with this positioning. For the purpose of this programming the agenda was compiled under the direction of TKI CLICKNL.

Mission-driven Innovation Policy
With the renewed top sector policy, the Mission-Driven Innovation Policy, the cabinet wants to use the innovative power of the top sectors to tackle social challenges. The top sectors focus on cross-sectoral collaborations between science, applied research, companies and social organisations. The Mission-Driven Innovation Policy focuses on four themes: Energy transition and sustainability, Agriculture, water and food, Health and care, and Security.