Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2020-2023: Resilience

A new Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (KIA) has been in effect as of January 2020; the KIA 2020-2023. This is the next iteration of the KIA 2018-2021. In the new version, the link between the creative industries, social challenges and the associated missions from the Mission-driven Innovation policy is emphasized even more.

On October 1, 2017, CLICKNL published the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for the Creative Industries Top Sector 2018-2021. A fine agenda, with vision and ambition. Now, not even two years later, there is a new, updated version.

Towards a resilient sector
Even more so than two years ago, the Netherlands - just like much of the world - is aware of the social challenges facing us. Whether it’s about climate, agriculture, healthcare, our security, mobility or energy supply; we are on the eve of major transitions. Part of this is outlined in the new Mission-driven Innovation Policy, which describes around 25 missions for the coming years.

The creative industries are desperately needed to work on these missions and transitions. Not only to come up with smart, suitable and original products and services that entice or activate people, but also through creating a world in which these innovations find a breeding ground, a cultural and social climate of willingness to change.

To take up and move forward with that challenging role, a resilient sector is needed. A sector that is ambitious and at the same time realistic about its contribution, which is driven by knowledge and is supported by methods. This renewed agenda is for empowering this flourishing and promising sector.

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The Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for the Creative Industries 2020-2023 is a guiding document for the sector itself, but also beyond. It describes which topics, according to experts from both the sector and from the scientific community, need new knowledge to be developed - to ensure that the creative industries are better equipped to tackle major challenges and realise impact.

Old versions of the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda can be found on this page.


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