Mission-driven Innovation

The Netherlands is one of the most competitive and innovative countries worldwide, and we want it to stay that way. The economic growth that we have, increasingly comes from different developments and the smarter organization of production processes. Consider, for example, the sustainability of the economy and society, and keeping the population inclusive, healthy and happy.

To facilitate this, the Netherlands has much to gain from optimizing the possibilities of digitization and key methodologies and technologies. The Netherlands can provide solutions to social issues in these areas, while also exploiting economic opportunities. This has led the government to the Mission-driven Innovation Policy, which builds on the cooperation from the Top Sectors approach.

Four social themes

Within the Mission-driven Innovation Policy and the top sectors, the focus is on four social themes.

  • Agriculture, water and food;
  • Health and healthcare;
  • Energy and sustainability;
  • Security.

Global societal challenges such as sustainability, health and food safety require innovation. Think of developing efficient and sustainable agriculture, CO2-neutral energy sources and healing of diseases. There are economic opportunities in the approach and resolution of global societal challenges, and in the extension of this in the further development and application of key technologies. The export of these solutions and techniques offers opportunities for our earning potential. And because we, as a creative industry, connect people, get them moving and give confidence in the world of tomorrow, we should not be missing here.

The top sector as a party

The societal challenges are central to the concrete missions that the departments draw up. They do this in close consultation with relevant companies, knowledge institutes and social partners. For each theme, an integrated knowledge and innovation agenda is being developed by the nine top sectors, an IKIA. CLICKNL is involved in the Creative Industry top sector. By talking to the government, professionals and researchers from the creative industry and other sectors, we help create opportunities for the creative industry to join. So that together we can help to find solutions for societal challenges.

Want to know more about the Mission-driven Innovation policy or the nine top sectors? Click here! (in Dutch).