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  • The creative industries focus on the behaviour of citizens.

  • Opportunities and levels

    The market is changing by enticing the consumer into healthy and sustainable choices. Moreover, by providing insight into the current situation (what is on our plate, it is good for us, how does it get there and at what cost), opportunities for this system change become visible. We have an influence on the demand-driven chain.

    In order to get everyone involved in this process, the creative industry involves stakeholders. Three levels can be distinguished: the individual (micro), the immediate environment (meso) and society (macro).

  • Integral and concrete

    With its integral approach and imaginative power, the creative industries design a vision of the future in which technological and social innovation are in balance. Moreover, the creative industries translate this into a concrete approach, strategy, steps and interventions, designing new revenue models. This approach provides three spearheads for the creative industries:

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  • By enticing the consumer into healthy and sustainable choices, a transition from a supply to a demand-driven market is created

We are currently working on an English version of the agenda. Please find the first chapter of the agenda in English here.