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Mission-driven Innovation

Mission Driven Innovation

The Netherlands is one of the most competitive and innovative countries worldwide, and we want to stay that way. At the same time, there are major societal challenges that we cannot escape. That is why we are investigating what value we as top sectors can realize for the societal challenges, and in which form that can also lead to economic value. The multidisciplinary nature of societal challenges is a good fit for the creative industry and offers its chances to stimulate innovations and to develop new knowledge and methods.

Global challenges, such as making the economy and society more sustainable, and an inclusive, healthy and happy society, require innovation. The (international) economic opportunities of the societal challenges and the ambition of the Netherlands to play a prominent role in this are the central principles of the Mission-driven Innovation Policy: an extension of the cooperation from the Top Sector approach. This new policy uses the innovative power of the top sectors to tackle major societal challenges through targeted cross-sectoral cooperation between science, applied research and innovation. This requires a multidisciplinary approach, in which technological innovation goes hand in hand with social innovation. The application and development of key methodologies are indispensable.

  • Mission Driven Innovation requires a new approach

    Innovation with this double objective (developing new business and contributing to social impact) is relatively new. The top sectors have developed the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for Social Earning Capacity (KIA MV) especially for this purpose. The aim is to achieve faster upscaling of innovation and thus greater social impact. The KIA Social Earning Capacity supports the four mission themes and the key technologies.

In order to take targeted and joint steps, concrete, measurable goals and ambitions have been formulated within four mission themes: the missions. These missions have the character of a dot on the horizon; a beckoning perspective. By jointly formulating missions, the focus is no longer on the sectors, but on the themes and issues. The missions within the four themes will be leading for policy, programming and financing in the coming years.


The creative industry connects the interests of people and society with (technological) possibilities. Based on that expertise, she has the responsibility to contribute to tackling social challenges.

As a director of change and developer of interventions, the creative industry addresses social issues

It is now widely recognized that a multidisciplinary approach is needed to meet the challenges and that investment must be made not only in new technology, but also in social and cultural aspects that enable the broad application of that technology in socially supported solutions. Both the approach to complex problems and multidisciplinary work and the mission themes fit the creative industry well. With her rich set of key enabling methodologies, she is adept at tackling the missions. As a top sector, the creative industry therefore plays a role in all four themes and sees opportunities to stimulate innovations and to develop new knowledge and methods.

The top sector as a party

The societal challenges are central to the twenty-five concrete missions that the various ministerial departments and top sectors prepare together. They do this in close consultation with relevant companies, knowledge institutions and social partners.

For each theme, the nine top sectors jointly develop an integrated knowledge and innovation agenda. From the top sector Creative Industry, CLICKNL is involved in this and we are actively working to connect these separate agendas with the KIA of the Creative Industry. By talking with the government, with creative professionals and with researchers from the creative industry and with other sectors, we create opportunities for the creative industry to follow up on this policy. This is how we meet these social challenges together.

Want to know more about the Mission-driven Innovation Policy or the nine top sectors? Go to the government page (in Dutch), for all missions, the letter to parliament, an overview of the top sectors and all KIAs.