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One of the main objectives of CLICKNL is to increase the number of companies in the creative industry branches that participate in innovation-oriented projects and partnerships. The MIT Innovation Brokers scheme is a response to this. This yielded beautiful cases and results! Here, we look at Innofest.

Innofest mainly uses innovation to save the climate, people and the environment. That is why they have been linking startups and their innovations and associated test questions to the right festivals and partners since 2016.

Why festivals?
According to Innofest's Anna van Nunen, a festival is a temporary village. "Everything is built to last several days: water, electricity, food chain, places to sleep ... An ideal place to test innovations." Sustainable products such as interactive trash cans, cricket burgers, mega batteries and circular plumbing are conquering the market via Innofest.

This is also the case under the MIT Innovation Brokerage Scheme: After a year of development, Tensail set up the innovative tent structure for the first time during Into The Great Wide Open 2019.

What do you get if you let a number of alumni of the technical university design a tent? Right, the Tensail. In this innovative construction, the tensile strength of the fabrics is included in the design. This way, huge roofs can be worked on without needing a lot of fuse. For the pilot at Into The Great Wide Open, the materials arrived only just in time, but the tent construction was set up successfully. With this pilot it is possible to say with certainty to potential partners and investors that it works. Tensail has the ambition to eventually cover stadiums with this construction.

And it looked something like this:

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