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One of the main objectives of CLICKNL is to increase the number of companies in the creative industry branches that participate in innovation-oriented projects and partnerships. The MIT Innovation Brokers scheme is a response to this. This yielded beautiful cases and results. This time, we're looking at EVI!

ID&T is one of the leading international players in the global event industry and is responsible for some of the largest party concepts in the industry. Think of Mysteryland, Defqon.1 and Awakenings.

These kinds of events easily involve more than 150 suppliers, who need all kinds of different resources and facilities to realise the infrastructure of a temporary city in a very short time. From catering, to machinery, to means of communication. Nearly 15 years ago, ID&T had the need for a platform to collect all this information in a correct and clear manner, for both the organising party and the suppliers.

And there was EVI
This is how EVI was born: a platform where suppliers can indicate what they need and where organisers can generate complete overviews in a few clicks and subsequently order their materials and facilities efficiently. ID&T was a pioneer in the industry with EVI, no other organiser had ever worked with such a groundbreaking system.

In recent years, EVI has evolved into a full-service back office tool. In addition to supplies, suppliers can also indicate which accommodation they need, for example, or the number of parking tickets and which accreditation is necessary for the on-site staff.


Everything clearly in view
Through this system, various disciplines can keep an eye on everything. For example, based on the catering numbers requested by suppliers, the producer can see how many staff this party has per day and the crowd safety manager can assess at a glance whether the guest list is too large for permits issued. Furthermore, based on check-in data from guests and crew members, after the event, a report can also be generated about how many people walked around the site, in addition to all checked-in visitors.

In addition to the ID&T group, EVI is now also used for other major events such as the Dutch Grand Prix and the Taste of Amsterdam. EVI is a platform with a lot of potential, which is constantly being developed, in collaboration with the back-office producers of large events. They strive to make the almost impossible task of all event producers a bit easier and clearer step by step.

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