The second call of the Fieldlab Virtual Worlds has led to a beautiful outcome with 14 applications. After the coordinating group of Fieldlab Virtual worlds made their selection, no less than six projects had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a “Dragons Den”. The jury, Benjamin de Wit, Annelies Termeer and Irmgard Noordhoek, decided which three projects will be honored on Thursday 28 June.

The three winners
The Fieldlab Virtual Worlds second call was won by the projects: “100 years of women’s voting rights”, “Line 1629: Eyewitnesses of the Siege of Den Bosch” and “Carnaval de Moutons”. Each of the projects will receive 10,000 euros.

100 years of women’s voting rights – Tourist Viewer
A project by: Atria Institute on gender equality
and women's history Justin Zijlstra, Amsterdam Public Library and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

MG 6015

The 100 year anniversary of women’s voting rights in 2019 is a reason to celebrate, reflect and raise awareness. The visitor has the chance to experience it through a “tourist viewer”, which allow the user to look straight into the past and be in the middle of the demonstrations for women’s voting rights.

The jury thinks this is a relatively simple and therefore executable idea that targets a large audience (through the Amsterdam Public Library). They think creating awareness for this topic through animation and experience, instead of just material from archives, is a nice additional challenge.

Line 1629: Eyewitnesses of the Siege of Den Bosch – friend and foe
A project by: Erfgoed ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Sint Lucas and Wij Doen Dingen.

MG 6045

450 years ago a war started that would last 80 years. It is a story of war, oppression, refugees and migration. Linked to Line 1629 the stories of friend and foe will be told through Augmented Reality.
“It feels like a very logical application of AR.” the jury says. The concept itself, making history visible on location, feels very refreshing and almost like it is the new standard already. But at the same time we are taking a step from what is already known to digital innovation that will probably be embraced by a wider audience. They have made clear realistic choices in the approach of the project (pilot phase), content (eye witness reports) and target group (the snackers).

Carnaval de Moutons
A Project by: Eye Filmmuseum and DROPSTUFF MEDIA.

MG 6021

The zoetrope, a spinning drum in which a strip of separate images come to life, is one of the predecessors of film. Carnaval de Mouton is a proposal to experiment with the connection between physical, analog and virtual realities. Through Augmented Reality goggles, sitting on a sheep on a merry-go-round, they are trying to add a virtual layer to the oldest form of moving images.
The jury thought this was a good creative idea that can also be brought into practice. Even without the AR they think it would be an exciting experience. To reach a larger audience they have given the advice to use other contexts as well, in addition to the ones already mentioned.

Exploring possibilities
The jury liked seeing that such divers institutions were exploring the possibilities of Virtual and Augmented Reality. They thought every pitched idea had exciting elements that inspired the imagination.

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