Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Field lab: Virtual Worlds

In the Virtual Worlds field lab virtual environments are utilized to tackle mainly societal issues, and subsequently obtain new insights and knowledge. Examples could be new forms of storytelling, 3D-reconstructions, new forms of journalism, and a new experience of spatial and industrial heritage, but the technical and methodological side will also be examined.

The field lab will be constructed as a space where creative professionals can work on industrial research with each other and together with researchers. Creative professionals will be able to experiment there with new Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technology and design new applications with them.

The field lab gives interpretation to the multiannual research project enVISION: Virtual Worlds for Social Innovation, which is given shape in collaboration with NWO. Themes in enVISION target, among others, diversity and identity within the NWA routes “Veerkrachtige Samenleving” (Resilient Society) and “Levend Verleden” (Living Past).

Virtual Worlds will be coordinated by CLICKNL. Other partners are several museums and archives such as Beeld en Geluid, VR companies such as Mediamonks, Dropstuff and Waag Society. The field lab will be located in The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum and will have a strong binding with the region.

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    Kennismaking Erfgoed en VR

    Eerste meetup Fieldlab Virtual Worlds

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    Cultural Heritage in Virtual Reality