Research results 2020

Results of the DRIVE 2020 themes

In 2020, Design United researchers conducted inventory studies for five World Design Embassies, within the social themes of DRIVE. Where do we stand now and what do we already know about these themes? Are you curious about the results? Check out the reports below!

The collaboration with the World Design Embassies was part of the Design Research & Innovation Festival DRIVE 2020. With DRIVE, we, together with Design United, every year look for new knowledge and innovation projects for and with the creative industries. Design United is the collaboration of the design courses of the four Dutch Technical Universities.

Knowledge about societal challenges
What do we already know about, for example, circular & biobased construction, and all materials? Or of letting citizens contribute ideas about healthcare? Who are working on increasing that knowledge, and where we are still missing knowledge? By mapping what science already knows and where the expertise lies, better applications can be developed. And future research can be strengthened and refined. For example by the partners in the Embassies themselves!

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The reports

Challenges in Mobility Research
An inventory of research projects in the complex world of mobility.

Katinka Bergema & Sicco C. Santema
Delft University of Technology

List of research projects

Circularity and Biobased Materials in Architecture and Design
An investigation into knowledge about materials, components and processes, knowledge gaps and challenges.

Juliette Bekkering, Cristina Nan & Torsten Schröder
Eindhoven University of Technology


Citizen Science to Design for Health
An investigation into knowledge about conducting care-related research, in collaboration with citizens.

Sabine Wildevuur - University of Twente
Paulien Melis - Studio Junctuur


Creative approach to subversion
An inventory of the crossover between the creative industries and the security sector.

Nynke Tromp
Albert Kingma
Delft University of Technology

Presentation (in Dutch)
Report (in Dutch)

(Drinking) Water in Brabant: Opportunities for Abundance
A study of knowledge about the water level of North Brabant in the long term and opportunities for the creative sector to contribute to water abundance.

Pim de Jager, Huub Rijnaarts, Xiaomeng Zhou - Wageningen University
Stijn van Terwisga - TU Delft


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