With great pride CLICKNL present its Program Board, which was instated last Tuesday, 24 April. The board, existing of researchers and entrepreneurs from the creative industry, will guide the continual development of the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda that will strengthen the sector. “This bow on the marriage of science and the creative industry is a very important moment.”

The Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (KIA) guides the knowledge development for the creative industry. It’s a living document, which will be further developed in the coming period. In order to streamline continual development and execution, CLICKNL has put in place a program board. The substantive recommendations of this Program Board will contribute to enhancing the innovative capacity of the creative industry, strengthening the sector.

CLICKNL is proud of its Program Board, which makes up a representative delegation of the creative industry. The twenty-one members of the board have been asked for their personal title and have a background as an entrepreneur, creative professional or researcher. Chairman of the Program Board is Erik Roscam Abbing of Livework studio. Kristina Lauche, working at the Radboud University, is vice-chairwoman.

The installation of the Program Board took place in Villa Jongerius in Utrecht. Director-general of Culture and Media, Barbera Wolfensberger of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, handed a symbolic KIA with empty pages to chairman Erik Roscam Abbing, to work on in the coming years. “This bow on the marriage of science and the creative industry is a very important moment for the sector. The creative industry can benefit from a scientific approach, but science can learn from the human-centeredness and way of thinking of the creative industry. They can greatly reinforce each other.”

Interrim-ambassador Jann de Wall of the top sector Creative Industry extended his praises about the Program Board: “CLICKNL has a number of roles; the development of the knowledgebase of the creative professional, thinking multi-disciplinarily, instead of mono-disciplinarily approaching issues, and, as brokers, to connect the creative industry and research to each other. And to do that, we desperately need you, as broad thinkers. Program Board chairman Erik responded: “We are here because we all are very eager to make a contribution to this.”

Continued Development of the KIA
The KIA has been developed in collaboration with researchers, entrepreneurs and creative professionals. It gives direction to the innovation and research ambitions for the creative industry and is a foundation for the programming and financing of research and innovation projects, which creative professionals and researchers can participate in. Because of this, it’s an important document from which many opportunities arise.

overhandiging KIA 2020-2022
Director-general Barbera Wolfensberger hands the empty KIA to Program Board chairman Erik Roscam Abbing.

The Program Board exists of the following members:
Berry Eggen (TU Eindhoven), Conny Bakker (TU Delft), Emely de Vet (Wageningen University & Research), Erik Roscam Abbing (Livework studio), Geke van Dijk (STBY), Jeroen van den Eijnde (ArtEZ), Jeroen Jansz (Erasmus University), Jeroen Raijmakers (Philips), Joost Galjart (Talpa Network), José van Dijck (KNAW), Kristina Lauche (Radboud University) Linda Steg (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), Machteld Kors (UNStudio), Marcel Schouwenaar (The Incredible Machine), Neele Kistemaker (Muzus), Paul Rutten (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences), Pauline van Dongen (Pauline van Dongen), Pieter Desmet (TU Delft), Reint Jan Renes (Utrecht University of Applied Sciences), Siem Haffmans (Partners for Innovation) en Wijnand IJsselsteijn (TU Eindhoven).