Open Call Urban Transformation Capacities

JPI Urban Europe's transnational call urban transformation capacities is aimed at international consortia of researchers and social parties. Taskforce for Applied Research SIA is making € 300,000 available for the participation of universities of applied sciences. Deadline for pre-proposals is 15 April, 2021. Full applications must be submitted 23 September, 2021.

In the new Urban Transformation Capacities (ENUTC) programme, 14 European countries, including the Netherlands, have made a budget of more than € 18 million available together with the European Commission to finance transnational projects.

Because researchers from different countries work together on the same projects, international knowledge exchange is created. This contributes to solutions for global and national social challenges and promotes innovation.

From the Netherlands, NWO and Taskforce for Applied Research SIA are participating in the program. For the upcoming call, NWO is making € 900,000 available for project participation from Dutch universities, SIA Steering Body € 300,000 for participation from Dutch universities of applied sciences.

The language of instruction and the call is English.

Cross-sectoral and transdisciplinary
The programme aims for a cross-sectoral and transdisciplinary approach. This means that participating consortia consist of researchers and social parties who collaborate with the public and / or private sector. The consortium deploys various relevant disciplines for this. Fundamental, applied and practice-oriented research can be part of the project.

International networking
For universities of applied sciences that focus on sustainable urban development, this programme is an excellent opportunity to broaden and deepen their network. International networking contributes to the quality and impact of practice-oriented research. Participation in this programme also offers opportunities for universities of applied sciences to submit proposals to other European programmes in the future.

Topics of research
Research projects funded from ENUTC are related to 3 main topics. These topics touch on a wide range of urban transformation challenges.

  • Urban circular economies
  • Community-based developments and urban innovation ecosystems
  • Robust and resilient urban infrastructure and built environment

Two international webinars will take place in February and March.

Apply for financing
JPI Urban Europe is executing this call. All information about this call, including the call for proposals, can be found on the JPI Urban Europe website. The deadline for pre-proposals is April 15, 2021. Complete applications must be submitted by September 23, 2021.

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