Open call: SPRONG round 1

SPRONG stimulates collaboration between research groups from different universities of applied sciences that have the potential to develop into a powerful SPRONG group within 8 years. A SPRONG group consists of a collaboration between (at least) 2 universities of applied sciences and partners in practice, such as companies from the professional field (e.g. SMEs), public institutions and governments. Powerful SPRONG groups have a broad impact on the quality of the research of the universities involved. The current round is open until 13 April 2021!

Promote profiling and positioning of research groups
The collaboration between universities of applied sciences in SPRONG groups means that everyone's knowledge contributes to the development of more generic knowledge about current, social issues. This promotes the profiling and positioning of the research group(s).

Good cooperation and coordination also prevents the wheel from having to be reinvented. The universities of applied sciences can learn from each other's working methods, for example in the field of data management, quality assurance or the connection between research and education.

Mission-driven Top Sector and Innovation Policy
SPRONG aims to strengthen the position of applied research at universities of applied sciences. The universities of applied sciences are therefore in the national and international playing field in which various parties generate and apply knowledge. In this way, SPRONG enables universities of applied sciences to make a significant contribution with their practice-oriented research to social issues within the Mission-driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy. The scheme is therefore part of our commitment to the Mission-driven Top Sector and Innovation Policy.

Each JUMP application relates to 1 of the 6 Knowledge and Innovation Agendas (KIAs):

  • Energy transition & sustainability
  • Agriculture, Water & Food
  • Health & care
  • Security
  • Key technologies
  • Social earning potential

Funding of research groups
Universities of applied sciences can submit a maximum of 2 grant applications as main applicant. Each application relates to at least 1 of the 6 KIAs. If a university of applied sciences submits 2 applications as main applicant, each application relates to another KIA. At least 2 universities of applied sciences are involved in each application. A university of applied sciences may act as co-applicant without restriction.

You can apply for a maximum of € 1 million for a period of 4 years. This is the amount for the 1st half of the 8-year SPRONG trajectory. The partners in the SPRONG group, including the universities of applied sciences themselves, contribute at least 50% to the total route costs. This can be in cash or in kind. The total project size is therefore € 2 million. With SPRONG we explicitly finance research groups, not research.

For more information, go to the website of Taskforce for Applied Research SIA!