Open Call: Netspar Theme Grants

Netspar supports innovative academic research on all aspects of the social sciences related to aging and retirement. As part of these efforts, Netspar offers Theme Grants for three years, with a maximum of k€ 250 per project. This call for proposals is open until 20 April, 2021.

The call
All proposals should be relevant for the Netspar research agenda 2019-2023 and the 2019-2023 Netspar Action Plan. Netspar encompasses a large variety of academic disciplines ranging e.g. from economics to law, sociology, psychology, communication science and data science. Research proposals from all relevant disciplines that can contribute to the Netspar research agenda are encouraged.

Current topics on the research agenda are e.g.:

  • Pension Reform: e.g. communication, choice architecture and the measurement of preferences;
  • Life-cycle planning: e.g. investment policy & sustainability;
  • Society in transition: e.g. vitality & working longer.

An overview of the main characteristics of the call

  • Funding for three years with a maximum of k€ 250.
  • The project team consists of several academics plus staff members from (an) industry partner(s).
  • The project leader is encouraged to organize a theme conference to present their research to the Netspar partners.
  • Project team members are available during the course of the project to present research results at Netspar events and are expected to participate in task forces meetings (“werkgroepdagen”) when writing industry-oriented Netspar publications.
  • The project leader is responsible for the project in terms of content and finances. The project leader also serves as the first point of contact for project monitoring.

Selection Criteria

  • Proposals must link up with the Netspar research agenda.
  • The application must be submitted by a Dutch university or knowledge institute that will be responsible for the administration if the grant is awarded. The proposed project leader must be employed by this Dutch university or knowledge institute.
  • At least 10% of the budget provided by Netspar (in €) must be supplied by one or more academics associated with a foreign university.
  • A proposal where the university or knowledge institute strengthens the research project by offering matching in kind is strongly encouraged.
  • Active participation in the Netspar Match Making event (March 18, 2021) is highly recommended when submitting a proposal.

This year, Netspar has k€750 to allocate. Furthermore, there is additional possibility for funding by Instituut Gak by means of an extra theme project. This could raise the total amount to allocate new multi-year pension research in 2020 to € 1 million.

Would you like to know more? Netspar will inform interested researchers in more detail about the new extra funding possibility by Instituut Gak during the Matchmaking Event on March 18th, 2021. On this event, you'll also hear about the co-funding of granted theme projects by CLICKNL.

Go to the Netspar website for more information on this call.

This call for proposals is co-funded by CLICKNL