Launch Collaboration for impact

In collaboration with the innovation program GoCI, an initiative of Regieorgaan SIA and CLICKNL, the digital magazine Collaboration for Impact is launched. In 32 articles, the magazine provides a glimpse into the diversity of KIEM GoCI and other applied design projects and what impact intensive collaboration with practice partners delivers. What factors are relevant to the collaboration between the creative industry and knowledge institutions, and how do these factors influence solving societal challenges?

Collaboration for impact
Collaboration for impact is the result of a shared curiosity of researchers affiliated with the NADR lecturer platform and/or working on KIEM GoCI-funded projects. They have mapped the outputs of their research projects for this magazine.

The question that lay beneath the 30 GoCI projects described was what factors are relevant to collaboration between the creative industry and knowledge institutions, and how these factors influence the resolution of societal challenges. The magazine is not only a compilation of results, but also a reflection on collaboration, impact and value creation on different levels.

Reflection of collaborations.
In doing so, the magazine reflects collaborations and their impact on individuals, communities and organizations. Indeed, practice-based design research requires context and purpose, and therefore stands or falls with partners and collaborations that are strongly embedded in practice.

The magazine provides a wonderful platform

Mieke Dols, GoCI project leader, comments, "The magazine provides a wonderful platform for 30 research projects funded by us from KIEM GoCI. It allows you to see the palette of diverse innovative and creative research. These range from technological innovations that use pocket-sized VR glasses to combat social problems in neighborhoods to moths that are no longer used as pests but as natural cleanup agents."

"Another valuable part of the magazine," says Dols, "are the 3 reflections written by the matchmakers of the GoCI program. They give us very relevant information about how the creative industry and researchers are working together now, to which societal challenges the exploratory studies are contributing, where there are still opportunities and how we want to organize that in the future."

View the digital magazine here!