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One of the main objectives of CLICKNL is to increase the number of companies in the creative industry branches that participate in innovation-oriented projects and partnerships. The MIT Innovation Brokers scheme is a response to this. This yielded beautiful cases and results! Here, we take a look at a case of Modint: SIM (Supply Chain Information Management).

If we can track, prove and document where socially and environmentally responsible orange juice comes from, can we do the same for jeans? How can transparency in the clothing chain be documented in a reliable information system as developed in the food sector? Modint expertise was called upon to advise data management company SIM (Supply Chain Information Management) on this.

Modint supported SIM in expanding the existing SIM methodology of the food sector with the characteristics of the purchasing of clothing.
They contributed to research into the application of blockchain technology and assessment of audits and certificates that are to be documented. They also advised on research into the origin of raw materials, textile and textile products.

And now?
It is currently being investigated whether the result of the innovation can be further developed and tested by Modint, SIM, an NGO and a number of first users in a Corporate Social Responsibility Fund (FVO) program of RvO.

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