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KIC Maritime High-tech

The future of the Netherlands as a maritime trading nation depends on continued access to safe seas. The sea is a network of global transport routes, a provider of raw materials and food and a source of energy production all at the same time. This makes seas and coastal regions vulnerable to competition, rivalry and conflict. Technological, geopolitical and global developments are a threat to security on the seas and increase maritime risks. To ensure an effectively functioning maritime security chain, the Royal Netherlands Navy and the Netherlands Coastguard must be able to respond to all current and future security challenges. An essential part of this is the development of a future-proof and competitive ecosystem of government, knowledge institutes and partners in maritime and other industries.

Purpose and objectives
The knowledge and innovation needs lie in the field of maritime high-tech, which contributes to the reinforcement of smart operations and concepts. This requires many technological innovations. Maritime high-tech entails many issues. This is not only about technological and technical progress itself, but also about the impact such technology has on society as a whole.

Connection with the creative industries
Within the issues discussed here, the creative industry can assume responsibility for directing an integrated cooperation in the security chain and thus monitor and facilitate the dialogue on ethical, legal and social issues surrounding the use of Artificial Intelligence.

A design approach is of value to these technically oriented issues in order to provide technology that meets the need for support from the crew.

A number of Key Enabling Methodologies can be further developed or validated via this call:

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Deadline Pre-registration: 27 May 2021.
More information can be found on the NWO website.