KIC - Energy transition & sustainability

KIC Energy transition as a socio-technical challenge

Our energy supply is changing. Fossil fuels that we use for heat, electricity and transport are making way for renewable sources, and decentralised energy supply is increasing. Accelerating this energy transition contributes to a vital and liveable society in which economic growth, social justice and a clean environment ensure that people want to live and work in the Netherlands. This research programme focuses on Innovations in the built environment, mobility and energy systems in order to contribute to an energy transition.

Purpose and objectives
The aim of this research programme is to gain insight into possibilities and strategies for stimulating a sustainable built environment, an emission-free energy system and a sustainable mobility system. Innovations within these application domains directly affect citizens and relate to their individual interaction with the energy transition. The research is interdisciplinary and focuses on the social, societal and technical aspects of the energy transition.

Connection with the creative industries
The creative industries can use its methods to develop new strategies by providing insight into the motives and interests of end users and other stakeholders. By subsequently placing these at the centre of the development of interventions, policies and systems, social and future aspects are integrated into supported solutions that design a successful transition.

A number of Key Enabling Methodologies categories can be further developed via this call:

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Deadline pre-registration: 11 May, 2021
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