Knowledge and Innovation agenda Resiliance 2020-2023

The creative industry strengthens the innovative capacity of the Netherlands, both from business and science, and is therefore one of the nine Dutch top sectors.

A strong creative industry is an important partner that makes the necessary connections with and between other sectors, in order to provide answers to social and economic challenges together. The creative capacity and unique working methods of the creative industry offer our country the opportunity to achieve indispensable innovative breakthroughs.

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Three roadmaps

The task of the creative professional and the need for the strengthening of the knowledge base of the creative industries are outlined in three roadmaps:

  1. Design for Change
  2. The Humane Touch
  3. Value Creation

All three roadmaps are of a multidisciplinary nature and all are used by the creative professional in practice.

They also are a work in progress: living documents that are reviewed regularly. They give direction and offer inspiration for research proposals and research programmes.

  • 1. Design for Change

    Strategies to get people moving by motivating them and influencing and stimulating their behaviour.

  • 2. The humane touch

    Strategies for binding and connecting, building trust and empowering people with regards to the increasing complexity of products and services.

  • 3. Value Creation

    Strategies for realising solutions and new propositions; knowledge about innovative power and designing skills.

We are currently working on an English version of the agenda. Please find the first chapter of the agenda in English here.

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