An innovation broker thinks along with SMEs who want to innovate within the mission-driven top sectors and innovation policy. They can help with the process, content, network and/or financing of projects, among other things. Innovation brokers do this by organizing innovation sessions, through 1 on 1 guidance or by guiding you through a validation process.

The deployment of the innovation broker must fit within the KIA Resilience and focuses on innovation of products, processes or services that contribute to solutions of one of the societal challenges.

These are our innovation brokers

  • CLICKNL blauw

High-profile results

Many beautiful innovations have been created together with our Innovation brokers. We highlight a number of high-profile cases.

  • Gesprek

    Open House - Start Digital & Circular

  • Virtual Reality

    MediaPerspectives - Climate Game

  • Bezorg robot Innofest

    INNOFEST - Delivery robot

  • Shelduck

    INNOFEST - Shelduck

  • INNOFEST - FestiVR

    INNOFEST - FestiVR

  • Spel tegen eenzaamheid

    INNOFEST - Game against loneliness

  • iStock-637394534 festival

    INNOFEST - Tensail

  • Goodr

    INNOFEST | donate for free by being online

  • iStock-1089326536 vrouw rok dans mode


  • Toilethuis

    INNOFEST - Toilet house in the countryside

  • iStock-546000196 textiel stof mode fashion

    Modint - SIM

  • werken

    MediaPerspectives - Coverstories

  • dames

    Modint - Figuranova foundation

  • iStock-494388654 festival mensen people crowd cultuur

    Open House - EVI