Innovation broker scheme

An innovation broker can contribute ideas to SMEs who want to innovate within the mission-driven top sectors and innovation policy. They can contribute ideas about, for example, the process, the content, the network and the financing of projects. They do this by organising innovation sessions, by 1-on-1 guidance or by guiding you through a validation process.

The deployment of the innovation broker must fit within the KIA Resilience and focuses on innovation of products, processes or services that address one of the social challenges.

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Who are our innovation brokers?

  • Modint: Innovations in clothing and textile

    Making and shaking: Modint advisors provide strategic innovation sessions in your company. Where necessary, external parties, also with 100% subsidy, are engaged. Through an innovation session you are very efficiently introduced to new ideas: how and where do you add value and remain relevant to customers.

    Want to know more? Visit op or email Rens Tap.

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  • Innofest: Test your innovation at a Living lab

    Innofest connects innovations for a more sustainable and social world to a practical test location. They specialise in making validation as practical as possible. During innolessons, entrepreneurs are prepared for the test, so that a lot can be learned in a short time. The entrepreneur is supported by a producer who ensures that test demand and living labs connect seamlessly. Moreover, Innofest has a network that they are happy to share with entrepreneurs.

    Want to know more? Visit or email Christiaan Glerum

  • Media Perspectives: platform for media and innovation

    Media Perspectives connects talent, companies, organisations and governments with a multitude of programmes and activities. We are happy to help SMEs who can offer solutions to societal challenges with information or media technology and who have an innovation question or are looking for cooperation with other parties, with our knowledge and extensive network. Want to know more? Go to or email

  • MediaPerspectives

Results 2019

The MIT Innovation Brokers scheme yielded beautiful cases and results in 2019! Ultimately, through 4 networks / sector organisations within the creative industries, various advisory processes were completed with a large number of SMEs within the framework of the MIT Innovation Brokers scheme. Are you curious about what has been achieved? We've highlighted a number of high-profile cases.

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    Tensail - Innofest

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    Modint - SIM

  • CoverStories

    MediaPerspectives - Coverstories

  • NL NextFashion & Textiles

    Modint - Figuranova foundation

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    Open House - EVI