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Fieldlab UPPS - fostering research and innovative applications for ultrapersonalisation. People use products that are tailored to their body shape: clothing, shoes, glasses, sports goods and medical devices such as prostheses and wheelchairs. To produce these goods in mass, standardization in dimensions were developed. This has several disadvantages: supply often exceeds demand. This results in lower margins and waste. Moreover, the fit of the product is often a compromise, while a perfect fit for some products is actually essential for optimum performance. Therefore, there is a need for a radically different approach to product realization.

Emerging digital technologies such as 3D scanning, cloud services and advanced technologies enable 'mass personalization'. But integrated design methods and custom production tools are still lacking. Fieldlab UPPS will contribute to the progress and knowledge accumulation on this topic by framing this as an integrated design methodology for Ultra Personalized Products and Services (UPPS). This will lead to valuable solutions for complex digital design workflows, and new opportunities for designers and companies. In Delft, FieldLab UPPS is for the society, with bespoke, state-of-the-art infrastructure and latest academic knowledge to be applied in student projects.

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