Launch second call for projects

Second meetup Fieldlab Virtual Worlds

During the second Meetup of the Field Lab Virtual Worlds we bring heritage institutes and VR/AR/MR makers together to explore project opportunities. The gathering will function as an introductory meeting ahead of the launch of the second call for projects (open: 26 March – 15 May, 2018), more information about this call can be found on our website. A first call was launched in October 2017, from which two projects were granted.

In the Field Lab Virtual Worlds virtual environments are used to solve problems for heritage institutions and, in doing so, obtain new knowledge of and experience in the added value of VR/AR/MR applications in a cultural and educative context, for both heritage institutions and VR/AR/MR makers. We do so by sharing knowledge, but also by developing concrete proof of concepts. Examples of this could be new forms of storytelling, 3D reconstructions, new forms of journalism, and a new experience of spatial & industrial heritage.

For whom
This invitation is open to:

  1. VR/AR/MR makers who, in an innovative way, want to devise and execute applications with (collections from) heritage institutions (museums, libraries, archives).

  2. Heritage institutions (museums, libraries, archives) that, for example, want to use Virtual Reality, Augmented Realited or Mixed Reality methods to exhibit their collection to their visitors in innovative ways.

Pop-up lab
In the morning prior to the meetup, a pop-up lab will be organized. This is primarily meant for the already granted projects from the first call. A limited number of seats is available for other interested parties (VR/AR/MR makers and heritage institutions) that want to actively participate. The topics will be announced at a later date. You can sign up separately for this via the application.

Concept program 26 March at Sound and Vision:
10-13h Pop-up lab
13-14h Lunch
14.00h Welcome Field Lab and the call for projects
14.30h Presentation of 2 granted projects first call
15.10h 2-minute pitches of heritage institutions that want to participate in the call
15.40h 2-minute pitches of VR/AR/MR makers who want to participate in the call
16.00h Demos by VR makers and drinks

You can register for the meetup here.

Want to do a pitch/presentation?

  1. Heritage institutions have the opportunity to pitch their “dream” VR/AR/MR application for their institution. Perhaps concrete plans already exist, and the heritage institutions is looking for an VR/AR/MR partner to realize the project. Please tell us before 15 March, 2018 if you wish to do a pitch or presentation. You can specify this in the registration form.

  2. We invite VR/AR/MR makers to shortly introduce themselves in the so-called “1 minute pitches.” In 1 minute, share what your company is good at, what you’ve already done and where you see challenges. You’re allowed to show 1 slide. In addition, there will be an opportunity to give demos on a laptop during the drink. That way heritage institutions can individually get to know the realm of VR/AR/MR possibilities. You can specify this on the registration form.

Procedure second call
The call concerns 3 projects of € 10.000 each. The applicant is a heritage institution in partnership with a VR/AR/MR company. Each VR/AR/MR company can only join with 1 heritage institution. The applications are assessed by an independent commission.

During the opening of the call (26 March – 15 May, 2018) applicants will be assisted in compiling their application by the Field Lab organization. Assistance may include helping to match the criteria, finding partners, specifying budget and feasibility.

Application deadline
All definitive applications have to be in by 15 May 2018, 12.00h. The results will be announced early June 2018.

We hope to greet you on 26 March. For questions: or