World Design Embassies

Design United (with TU Delft as secretary) has set up five research teams for this public-private research via the four affiliated universities to inventory and analyse relevant knowledge and developments around 5 themes from the Design Research & Innovation Festival (DRIVE). The aim of the research is to analyse what relevant knowledge is and what relevant developments are in the themes of the 5 so-called World Design Embassies, aimed at the contribution of the creative industry to societal challenges.

Based on a scientific study of, among other things, current PPS studies, a framework is being developed with which the embassies are fed. This also leads to insight into new knowledge questions. The research focuses on the following themes:

  • Circular & Biobased Building
  • Health
  • Mobility and Safety (2 topics)
  • Water

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Project budget €101,805, with €74,806 PPS surcharge being used.

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