World Design Embassies Research 2021, project FOOD

Design, can you eat that?


Inventory of collaborations between the creative industry and 'food research'.

This project focuses on an inventory of research and innovation at the intersection of the creative industry and the food sector. It moves within the following scope: "About designing for healthy food environments, motivating healthy and sustainable behavior and making complex
data manageable in order to arrive at individual choices."

The questions explored in this area are:

  1. What knowledge is developed within PPP research projects and what are the links and forms of cooperation between the creative industry, knowledge institutions and the food sector?
  2. How can the food sector harness the knowledge of the creative industry and knowledge institutions, and vice versa?
  3. What are future opportunities for food research (healthy and sustainable consumer behavior) and of intensive(er) collaboration between the sectors?

The answers to these questions serve as input for the knowledge base of the Embassy of Food (EoF) and the creative industries. Only if feasible within the time and budget of this project, a selection of the findings will be presented during Dutch Design Week and specifically during DRIVE. The form of this can be visual (making data insightful), it can be prototypes of new food products, or a form of storytelling.

€11,570 will be used as a PPP program grant.