Chronosphere 2

Makes virtual world a daily reality

Faster than we are aware, the virtual world is becoming a fixture in our daily reality. No one finds it strange anymore to ask Siri what the weather will be today, to get cooking tips from a top chef by scanning a QR code on a package, to see the money roll out of your screen during a bank transaction on your phone or to applaud a hologram on stage. Yet these are still just finger exercises of what is to come. New technologies abound. And we are the first to put applications we already know in a trendy new jacket. But applications that really change our lives come much later. They are primarily discovered in curiosity-driven, sometimes random experiments. As we now see happening with virtual and especially augmented reality. There are still few experience figures or research data for AR and VR applications. Holograms were until now something out of Science Fiction.

To further explore the application potential of this technique, this project aims to create 20 globally unique and appealing productions that provide scientifically based insights into technology and use, provide validated business cases for industry and an optimised production process.

Project partners

  • Effenaar Smart Venue
  • 4DR Studios
  • Steye Music & Other Matters
  • 360 Imagination
  • Dutch Rose Media
  • Hyperspace Institute
  • Amsterdam School of the Arts
  • Fontys Universities of Applied Sciences
  • Breda University of Applied Sciences
  • TU/Eindhoven
  • Participating content creators

The Chronosphere project was created with the help of PPP project allowance.