CLICKNL is the TKI of the top sector Creative Industry. Our mission is to facilitate the duo (knowledge and collaboration) within the creative industry, which leads to innovative solutions for national, social challenges.

Knowledge: Together with creative professionals and researchers, we draw up the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (KIA) for the creative industry named KIA Resilience. This describes how the creative industry contributes to (social) challenges and what knowledge the creative professional needs to be able to do this. With this agenda we influence and steer subsidy schemes, programs and projects. We also look at the application and development of key methodologies/KEMs, i.e. methods that help to tackle issues. We inspire and encourage the use of previously acquired knowledge in practice. We do this by sharing inspiring content (including cases and news) with you both online and physically (events).

Collaboration: We build programs and projects around (social) challenges in which the creative industry plays an important role. We inform about possible support.


  • Bart Ahsmann - 2e foto Bart Ahsmann portret

    Bart Ahsmann


    Photography gives me a different view of the world.

  • Johanneke Minnema 2e foto Johanneke Minnema portretfoto

    Johanneke Minnema

    Knowledge manager

    I love going to festivals to discover new artists. I carry their music with me afterwards!

  • Marjolein van Vucht 2e foto Marjolein van Vucht portretfoto

    Marjolein van Vucht

    Industry manager

    In my free time, I prefer to be outdoors, but when it is cold and rainy you can also find me gaming, playing music or painting.

  • Linda Rindertsma 2e foto Linda Rindertsma portret

    Linda Rindertsma

    Knowledge & projects

    As a designer, I discovered the power of drawing and am addicted to sketchbooks. How line by line your idea takes shape, that's magical, isn't it?

  • Marcel Mokveld 2e foto Marcel Mokveld portret

    Marcel Mokveld


    After all the day-to-day work for the creative industry, escape into the magical world of film.

  • Carrie Moetwil Carrie Moetwil

    Carrie Moetwil

    Office manager

    At the end of the day, I find my peace on the couch with a good book, or I take the pen in my hand for a story myself.

  • Lars Brouwer 2e foto Lars Brouwer portretfoto

    Lars Brouwer

    Programme manager PPP programme

    As a trained music technologist, I think in systems and processes, and how to design them: where can you put buttons to control output?

  • Dorien van Alphen Dorien van Alphen portretfoto

    Dorien van Alphen

    Marketing & Communications KEMs

    As a designer, my connection to the creative industry is obvious. But if I really admire anything, it is the creativity in music.

  • Dominique Versteegen 2e foto Dominique Versteegen portretfoto

    Dominique Versteegen

    Marketing & Communications manager

    When those first sounds thump through the speakers, and the festival audience starts yelling: goosebumps.

  • Simone van Bennekom Simone van Bennekom portretfoto

    Simone van Bennekom

    Program manager CreativeNL & CLICKNL International

    My own career began as an actress, oh that feeling of being on the film running...Action! Lovely!

  • Martijn Arnoldus 2e foto Martijn Arnoldus portretofoto

    Martijn Arnoldus

    Program manager Key Enabling Methodologies (KEMs) & Experimental Environments

    For me, creativity is a generous companion. Every time you create something, it surprises with its own unexpected contribution.




CLICKNL believes that innovations can only be achieved together. We therefore work closely with various companies, knowledge institutions, educational institutions and industry associations.