The Programme Council

Since April 2018, CLICKNL has been strengthened and assessed by the CLICKNL Programme Council. This council announced the creative industry with professionals from both business and knowledge institutions. The 21 members were asked for the council in a personal capacity.

The Programme Council plays a leading role in the substantive design and management of CLICKNL's programmatic activities. Its main task is to provide substantive support and advice to CLICKNL regarding the implementation, monitoring and further development of the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (KIA) for the creative industry. This document gives direction to the innovation and research ambitions for the creative industry and is a foundation for the programming and financing of research and innovation processes, in which creative professionals and researchers can participate.

  • The Programme Council focuses on the positioning of the creative industry on relevant strategic themes and the further development of the three roadmaps Design for Change, The Human Touch and Value Creation, which expresses the knowledge needs of the creative industry.
  • In addition, the Programme Council advises CLICKNL on the suitability of programme and project initiatives within the KIA. They test the proposals for the expected contribution of the results to achieving the objectives of the KIA. The CLICKNL board then decides on the allocation of resources (mainly the PPS grant) based on the advice of the Programme Council.

The Programme Council meets twice a year and works on smaller tasks throughout the year.

CLICKNL Programme Council - current members:

Former members

  • Programmaraad

    PROGRAM BOARD installed

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    Knowledge and Innovation agenda for the creative industries (Resiliance)

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    Advantages for public / private collaborations

    PPS grant

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