Since April 2018, CLICKNL has been supported and advised by the CLICKNL Program Council. This council represents the creative industry with professionals from both business and knowledge institutions. Its 21 members are solicited for the council in their personal capacity. The Program Council meets twice a year, working throughout the year in smaller teams on its tasks.

The main tasks of the Program Council are to provide substantive support and advice to CLICKNL regarding the implementation, monitoring and further development of the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda Resilience for the creative industry.

For example, the program council is concerned with the positioning of the creative industry on relevant strategic themes, and with the further development of the three roadmaps: Design for Change, The Humane Touch and Value Creation, which articulate the knowledge needs of the creative industry.

In addition, the program board advises CLICKNL on the appropriateness of program and project initiatives within the KIA Resilience. Using this advice, the CLICKNL Board decides on the allocation of funds for these project proposals (mainly the PPP grant).


Berry Eggen (TU Eindhoven) • Conny Bakker (TU Delft) • Emely de Vet (Wageningen University & Research) • Erik Roscam Abbing (Livework studio) • Geke van Dijk (STBY) • Jeroen van den Eijnde (ArtEZ) • Jeroen Raijmakers (Philips) • Kristina Lauche (Radboud University) - vice chairman • Loes Keijsers (Erasmus University Rotterdam) • Machteld Kors (UNStudio) • Michael de Kruijf (Greenberry) • Marcel Schouwenaar (The Incredible Machine) • Neele Kistemaker (Muzus) - chairman • Pieter Desmet (TU Delft) • Siem Haffmans (Partners for Innovation) • Wijnand IJsselsteijn (TU Eindhoven) • Robert Barnhoorn (Spark Design) • Zakaria Amlal (Gracious)

Former members.

Joost Galjart (Talpa Network) • José van Dijck (KNAW) • Linda Steg (University of Groningen) • Pauline van Dongen (Pauline van Dongen) • Jeroen Jansz (Erasmus University)• Paul Rutten (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) • Reint Jan Renes (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)