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The creative industry is an indispensable link in generating answers to major societal issues and in offering a meaningful interpretation to new technological possibilities. To realize this impact, the creative professional makes use of a knowledge base of Key Enabling Methodologies: strategies, methods and models that give structure and validation to the creative process. The creative industry realizes innovate solutions through the structural application of technology. This value, the translation of technology into useful and desired solutions, is often overlooked by many tech developers. In Horizon 2020 the format of the Key Enabling Technologies is utilized to this end.

The major societal challenges are defined in the European research program Horizon 2020 in eight themes, the Grand Societal Challenges. The creative industry looks at the societal challenges from a specific angle: through a lens of sector- inherent added value. For instance, when looking at the Energy and CO2 issue, the creative industry can primarily contribute in areas that concern behavior: how can the consumer be spurred into more energy-efficient behavior?

By connecting the three roadmaps Design for Change, The Human Touch and Value Creation to the societal challenges and the domains, specific research questions arise. This way, we link multidisciplinary fundamental and applied research.

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