For researchers

Responsible upscaling of floating solar

This Call for Proposals invites knowledge institutions and cooperating partners to jointly develop scientific and practice-oriented research proposals centred on the theme ‘Floating Solar’. Topics may include knowledge gaps concerning the interaction between the ecology in, on and around Dutch inland waters and the physical aspects of solar energy systems on inland waters.

‘Floating solar’ is a relatively new form of generating solar energy. Important questions are how this new form contributes to the production of solar energy, compared to or in addition to the possibilities of solar parks on land, and which short-term and long-term consequences a potential large-scale rollout will have. Currently, there is still a lack of knowledge about the long-term effects of floating solar energy systems on ecology, biodiversity and water quality.

Proposals are to be submitted by the main applicant on behalf of the consortium. Which should consist of at least a main applicant, a co-applicant and cooperation partner, and in which research from the whole knowledge chain is represented (fundamental, applied and practice-oriented).

October 13, 2022: deadline registering initiatives.

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