For entrepreneurs

Research, Act & Reflect

For grassroots platforms, collectives and organizations whose activities around decolonization, gender diversity, social justice, anti-racism, emancipation of marginalized groups or the intersection of these topics contribute to a diverse and inclusive creative industry.

With this open call, the Fund stimulates activities focussed on strengthening marginalized voices. The activities enrich the creative industry through their plurality of perspectives and the promotion of equal opportunities. In this regard, we will be looking at: Which visions and stories are still being missed in the pursuit of a more diverse and inclusive design sector? What role can design play in the debate about systematic inequality? How can the imagination of young people and starting makers be used for these themes and enhanced? The programmes or projects zoom in on areas of the Fund that have been somewhat neglected and are aimed at broadening and adding depth to the creative industry.

For who
Platforms, organizations or collectives that are related to the fields of design, architecture or digital culture can apply. Parties that are being incorporated or whose incorporation is part of the programme are also welcome to apply. Applications will not be assessed on the basis of previously organized activities and obtained results. In this way, we can offer a level playing field for new grassroots initiatives without a track record.

You can apply for this scheme until November 07, 2022.

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