Eindhoven University of Technology

The Role of Sound in Hybrid Work Environments

The project "The Role of Sound in Hybrid Work Environments" explores the
redesign of the remote workplace, focusing on sound. In today's hybrid work environment, the sound environment is much better to design for this context. After all, it is something that cannot be escaped and is seen as one of the key elements to have the feeling of immersion during an activity. A year-long prototyping and live testing of systems exploring how we can better use sound in hybrid work situations is underway, with the proposed
systems contribute to the most seamless physical-digital work environment possible, appropriate for different types of work. Efforts are being made to design and evaluate sound infrastructures, both in hardware and the sound environment itself. Intended goal is to bring together the different individual working environments of colleagues/co-workers into a shared and immersive auditory biotope.

$150,000 will be used as a PPP program grant.