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Project BEweegAPP+ aims to let entrepreneurs and researchers experiment/research on strategic embedding of products and services, to help these entrepreneurs accelerate developments and to inspire other entrepreneurs and creative professionals.

There is a general need to look at how innovative exercise apps can be strategically placed on the policy map and how municipalities can respond flexibly to the latest technological developments that are precisely in line with the lifeworld of young people. Because strategic embedding in policy at the municipal level often takes longer and because sports companies can be the first stepping stone between industry and municipalities with regard to exercise apps (i.e. responsible for the implementation of municipal sports policy), in consultation with partners the choice was made to carry out the project in three sports companies in three different municipalities.

Two research questions are central within this project:

  1. How can one exercise app developed for one municipality be scaled up to other municipalities/sports companies, and what role does policy play in implementation?
  2. What role does "Public Innovation Capacity" play in the process of scaling up in Dutch sports companies/municipalities?

There will be €49,994 as PPP program funding.