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Perspectives for Energy Transition and Ecology in the North Sea

The aim of the call Offshore Wind Energy is to develop knowledge about upscaling of offshore wind energy as a basis for making decisions about future development areas in the North Sea.

This call for proposals invites knowledge institutions and social parties to jointly develop scientific and practice-oriented research proposals on the theme of offshore wind energy. Given the envisaged upscaling of offshore wind energy in the near future and beyond 2030, projects must contribute to knowledge on the basis of which policy choices and action perspectives can be drawn up.

This concerns research into the cumulative environmental impact of upscaling offshore wind energy, risk adaptation where the consequences of upscaling are unclear, and conflict resolution with other uses of the North Sea than wind energy. This call calls for the development of knowledgechain-wide knowledge on the above subjects, with the aim of providing an assessment framework for adaptation/mitigation, risk assessment and conflict resolution.

The call also calls for research aimed at making choices between interests that cannot be reconciled within the international, European and national legal and policy frameworks.

The deadline for submitting initiatives is 13 October 2022, at 2 PM.