NL NextFashion & Textiles

After five years of CLICKNL | NextFashion, it has been converted into a new collaboration between Modint and the Universities of Applied Sciences TMO, AMFI / HvA, Saxion and ArtEZ. The cooperation in the field of innovation in clothing and textiles now continues under the name NL NextFashion & Textiles.

NL NextFashion & Textiles sends out an innovation update every so often via Modint. Subscribe via an email to Rens Tap, at In addition, CLICKNL itself also keeps an eye on the fashion & textile industry for the latest innovation news and events that you can find in our agenda.

5 Years of ClickNL | Next Fashion from Future Makers on Vimeo.

Want to know more about Modint and NL Nextfashion & Textiles? Look at this Modint webpage.