New submission round KIEM GoCI: May 2021

The KIEM GoCI scheme subsidises and facilitates one-year exploratory and / or practice-oriented research by universities of applied sciences, universities or other knowledge institutions into subjects within the creative industries. The aim of the KIEM GoCI scheme is to stimulate and set up new partnerships between SMEs and knowledge institutions. The submission of the application and the assessment is done through Taskforce for Applied Research SIA. The second submission round closes 18 May, 2021 .

Funding of research
If you are a researcher at a university of applied sciences, university or other knowledge institution, you can submit applications via the Taskforce for Applied Research SIA website. The maximum amount that you can request is € 40,000.

Innovation programme
Parallel to KIEM GoCI is the innovation programme GoCI. This programme is a joint initiative of CLICKNL and Taskforce for Applied Research SIA. The GoCI programme office supports SMEs in the creative industries. The aim is to strengthen and accelerate innovation within the creative industries. This is to contribute to societal challenges from the Mission-driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy.

Submission moments
If a round is open for this scheme, you can submit continuously. There are various submission moments. These are the dates on which Taskforce for Applied Research SIA will process all applications received up to that point.

  • 2nd submission round: 18 May, 2021
  • 3rd submission round: 30 November, 2021

Prepare application
Would you like to submit an application? In that case, we recommend that you first contact the programme office GoCI to discuss the main points of the project proposal. Where possible, the bureau advises on possible consortium formation, financing and marketing.

More about the KIEM GoCI via the website of Taskforce for Applied Research SIA.
Ask your innovation questions through programme office GoCI.