On Wednesday 25 October 2017, the new Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for the Creative Industry was presented. Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2018-2021 focuses on three themes in the knowledge base that together, by being linked to societal challenges and application domains, will bring the Netherlands a stronger industry that will produce even more innovative solutions. The agenda was presented by the Top Consortium Knowledge and Innovation of the top sector Creative Industry; CLICKNL, during the Design Research & Innovation Festival at the Dutch Design Week.

The Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for the Creative Industry 2018-2021 helps to provide the creative professional with a more robust knowledge base with more validated methods and methodologies. In doing so, the creative industry not only becomes stronger as a sector but can also better develop innovative solutions for big societal challenges. Bart Ahsmann, CEO of CLICKNL: “By connecting the knowledge base of the creative professional to the challenges and domains in which the creative industry with its unique knowledge and skills can take help take steps forward, a foundation is secured for research domains for the coming years. Think, for example, of knowledge about system transitions in energy supply, or personalization in health care.

The agenda lays the foundation for the knowledge and innovation contract in which government, knowledge world, top sector and CLICKNL agree in which way interpretation is given to research and innovation inside the creative industry. It’s leading for calls for submission of research proposals that are focused on the creative industry and researchers, by NWO and SIA. For the interpretation of regulations that are interpreted and executed by, for instance, RVO, this agenda is also leading.

The Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2018-2021 has been endorsed by over thirty people on behalf of businesses, among which Fabrique, Spotify, Spinnin Records, RTL and TU Delft.

The creative industry strengthens the innovative capacity of the Netherlands. With its innovation and imaginative power it can connect and mobilize people and instill trust in the world of tomorrow. The sector is an indispensable link in generating answers to big societal questions and in giving meaning to new technological possibilities. In 2011 the Dutch Cabinet designated the Creative Industry as one of the nine top sectors to make the Netherlands more innovative.

View the entire Knowledge and Innovation Agenda here.