Cabinet conditionally agrees on pilot events

Fieldlab Events - Back to Live

Under certain conditions, the cabinet has agreed to the further development and organisation of pilot events of Field Lab Events, under the denominator Back to Live! An important condition is that the number of infections in the Netherlands continues to decline and that the risk level falls to vigilant or worrisome.

About Fieldlab Events
Field Lab Events is a joint initiative from the events sector, united in the EventPlatform, the Alliance of Event Builders and the government. Its main goal is to bring the event industry back to the old normal. It was set up in part with scientists and knowledge institutions, the Top Sectors Creative Industries and Life, Sciences & Health and CLICKNL. The programme is supported by the Ministries of VWS, OCW, EZK and JenV. The events developed by Field Lab Events are aimed at gathering knowledge and data about events in times of Corona. Based on the research results, we are working towards safe and responsible events with an increased visitor capacity, as before.

Back to Live
Back to Live is the umbrella under which the pilot events are being worked on. There are different types of events. Visitors to the events declare themselves willing (by purchasing a card or visiting the event) to meet a number of conditions. This includes submitting a negative Corona test, completing a health declaration within 24 hours before the event, participating in a temperature measurement or rapid test at the entrance of the event upon request and avoiding contact with vulnerable groups in the two weeks after the pilot event.

Under Back to Live Theater, a performance will be presented in the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht. In the same theater a business conference will be held under the name Back to Live Business. The organisation is led by Eventplatform.

The Ziggo Dome is used twice for Back to Live Concert, to be organised by Mojo and ID&T. They are also responsible for the Back to Live Festival. For Back to Live Sport, we collaborate with the KNVB, Almere City and N.E.C. Field Lab Events does the research there during regular competition matches.

Back to Live can be found at:
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